Monika Rutkowska

Director of the Jankowice Palace

phone: 61 10 10 403


  • Managing the activities of Jankovice Palace
  • Supervision, administration and management of the facilities and recreational areas in use by the Palace
  • Ensure the functioning and continuity of the Jankowice Palace, the conditions of its operation, and the organisation of its work
  • Representing the Palace and making decisions for the implementation of statutory tasks


  • Lawyer, graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and postgraduate studies in business management at the Poznań University of Technology. The idea to work in local government was born from the need to deepen her legal knowledge. At work, she applies the principle that knowledge is the key to success and understanding the reality around us.


  • Dancer, enthusiast of Polish folklore and parachute jumping. Since childhood she has been familiar with the stage, dancing in folk groups (Lubuski ZPiT and ZPiT Lusowiacy). Her sense of visual aesthetics and creative thinking is a result of the State High School of Fine Arts, which she graduated from in Zielona Góra, majoring in exhibition design. Upbringing through art equipped her with knowledge of culture and developed a sensitive viewer. She has an open mind because every proposal opens new doors for her.