Jankowice Palace


O Pałacu

A cultural kaleidoscope

The Jankowice Palace is involved in the creation, dissemination and protection of culture. The palace interiors are an excellent setting for exhibitions, meetings with interesting people, history lessons, literary competitions and workshops. Tarnowskie Centrum Senioralne, operating in the Palace, plans to open a ceramic workshop and a sensory room.

The palace complex is a place to organize various events in the field of culture, e.g. music festivals, conferences and trainings. Both the classicist building and the park give the opportunity to create works during open-air painting.


Sala koncertowa

68 people can listen to music in this representative hall of the Jankowice Palace at the same time. The technical qualities of the hall and the piano standing in it are checked every day by students and teachers of the Local Government Music School of the 1st degree operating in the building. Due to the location of the Palace, the projects carried out in the Concert Hall are not disturbed by sounds coming from the outside.

The hall, which is the heart of the Palace, apart from concerts, can be a place of other cultural and entertainment events, such as performances or presentations. The auditorium in this interior can be arranged freely, adapting to the needs.



Aromatic coffee and tasty cake guarantee good relaxation. In addition, when we spend it in palace interiors, it is an added value. The cafe of the Jankowice Palace is a place where you can relax after a walk, for the parents of music school students – an asylum that allows you to spend time in nice interiors waiting for the end of classes of the future virtuoso.

Café interiors, on warm days, expand their space with a palace terrace. The room also gives the possibility of excluding a significant part for a conference or training, for which the installed multimedia equipment can be used.


Billiard room

The history of this game, long and rich, dates back to the 15th century. Initially, it was played on a table with dimensions of 1 to 2, limited by bands, with time, pockets, i.e. holes in the table, were introduced. From then on, the main goal of the game was to hit the balls into the pockets.

The billiard room of Pałac Jankowice is located in the basement of the building. Players can use three cloth-covered tables. They all have professional lighting. The room is waiting for game enthusiasts as well as people who want to take their first billiard steps.



The palace and park complex in Jankowice offers many attractions for the whole family. The place is located in western Wielkopolska, 25 kilometers from Poznań. It has an area of ​​18.5 hectares, with numerous specimens of old trees, including many natural monuments. You can walk, e.g. in chestnut alley. In the center of the park there is a pond with 4 islands on it.

Park spaces encourage the organization of outdoor events, picnics, rallies and rallies.

It is an ideal space for spending time actively. You can run here, exercise in the outdoor gym. For children, there is a large playground “under the palm trees” and a zip-line park and a climbing wall. People looking for peace can relax on park benches. There are also picnic spots here.

The palace and park complex in Jankowice is available all year round and adapted to people of all ages.